I have been waiting for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 to launch for what seems like ages.  The moment they unveiled the new platform I was “All In.”  I didn’t know that what  was looking for out of a phone was a great experience that was not the same “Lets out-Apple, Apple” mentality other OS’s couldn’t resist from attempting.

Lets start with how I use my current Touch Pro 2 daily.  Three main areas of usage emerge as I observed my phone usage: (1) Twitter (2) Text (3) Audio & Video playback (4) OneNote (5) Info at a Glance (6) Facebook (7) Web Browsing.

Xbox Live will so dramatically improve the gaming experience for me its deserving of an article by itself.  Due to the abundance of Xbox Live is Awesome articles I’ll save you guys the trouble of reading another one for now.  Oh and another thing, Windows Phone 7 will make me even more cool as I rock out m favorite tunes with the kickstand my Surround will be blasting out.

(1) Twitter-I am constantly looking at my HTC Peep twitter client to keep up with the latest tech news.  Never thought I’d have use for twitter but now its a must have.  Windows Phone 7 will allow me to integrate Twitter into other apps that I’m looking forward to having with better integration such as Seesmic.

(2) Text-The virtual keyboard on my TP2 is horrible.  I keep hitting letters immediately to the right of the letter I’m attempting to type despite taking extra care to hit the right one.  Thank God for my physical keyboard that usually saves me from throwing the phone against the wall.

(3) Audio & Video Playback-I’m currently using Kinoma Freeplay for my needs.  Zune is so much better its not even funny.  Having the ability to stream using the Zune pass is a huge plus for me.  My wife is a ballet and contemporary jazz dance instructor and we’re constantly listening to music from all genres.  Almost always using my Wi-Fi collection (I’m either at home, at school or at work) since all the places I am at have Wi-Fi access.  For video I already have people wanting to use my Touch Pro 2 to watch my movies & tv shows I have on my phone.  Combining Zune, Shazam, and YouTube will give me a great way to enhance that.

(4) OneNote-I’ve been using OneNote since June.  It is part of my preparation for Windows Phone 7. The online integration is great since it’ll allow me to sync my notes to the cloud.  I take notes for class discussions, product/service ideas, grocery lists, you name it.

(5) Info at a Glance-I always check my phone for the time, upcoming appointments/tasks, and occasionally the date.  The Windows Phone 7 lock screen provides me with all this.  My current phone only provides me with the time and date.

(6) Facebook-Has anyone ever tried using the Facebook app for Windows Mobile 6.5?  I keep refreshing the status updates and news feeds only for it to display the same or very old information.  Now with Windows Phone 7 I’ll be able to see the newest pics my wife posts and all the reactions of the people I care about with ease.  Actually be able to post my pics with ease too.

(7) Web browsing-Currently despise IE mobile and use Opera for my web browsing experience.  The tabs are a great feature and the new IE mobile has the ability to open multiple pages which is quite nice.  The speed tests and browser comparisons reveal the experience should at least be in the same ballpark as other popular mobile browsers.

So those are my 7 Ways Windows Phone Will Improve My Mobile Life.  Maybe these things coincide with your own reasons you are looking forward to Windows Phone 7, maybe not.  Either way let me know what you think in the comments. 


  1. Good list. Everyone has different needs and uses but this covers most of the basics.

    A couple comments though;

    2) Do you think the virtual KB on the Surround will be any better? The screen is about the same size. Too late for your TP2 experience but Resco Keyboard is significantly better than the built-in SIP. Hope the WP keyboard is something close to Resco.

    4) Don’t you just love One Note. Been using it for the past five years to do all sorts of stuff. Just the clipping feature alone is worth the price of the software. Glad they included it with Office/Student cause everyone should learn how to use it. This is one thing that may help draw me to WP.

    5) Again, probably too late for your TP2 but S2U2 is the best Lockscreen I have ever used. Appts, tasks, messages, texts, missed calls, along with date, time and current weather at a glance. And it actuall;y keeps your screen locked. What a concept.

  2. @jimski: 2) They keyboard better be. I’ll only have the Surround until Sprint releases the 7 Pro then back to Sprint for me. I have been trying to use only stock ROM items just to see how someone who wasn’t tech savvy would experience WM 6.5.

    4) I was amazed at all the stuff OneNote allowed me to do. It isn’t rigid so you can place items, text, etc almost anywhere on the screen. Definitely have no problems with it being front and center for WP7.

    5) I used S2U2 before and liked it but again trying to use only stock options right now. I used to really like Sense but no hate it because of the resource hog that it is.

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