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Amaze GPS – Free Turn By Turn GPS App

Want a free voice guided GPS application? Well AmazeGPS has been around for a while but lately members in our forums have really been showing it some love so I thought it was time to share it with everyone. Amaze is pretty similar to GoogleMaps and Windows Live Search except it has a few features that really make it stick out. For one, it gives you voice guided turn by turn directions just like TomTom and the other paid apps do (except this time it’s free). It also provides a variety of maps to suit your needs – detailed color maps (a neat 3D birds-eye view works really well), satellite, hybrid, and arrows. You can even run it in simulation mode to virtually navigate to your location (it’s nice to plan ahead and also to make sure it’s taking you the way you want to go). As you drive you can set the map to autorotate so that you’re always heading ‘up’ and I have to say all of their maps are really pleasing to the eye and very detailed so if you have any uncertainty with the spoken directions you can just take a peak at the map.

The one difference between this and the paid GPS applications is that the maps are downloaded off the web as you use them (unlike the paid apps that store them on your storage card). So you should have an unlimited data plan to use this, but if you use the ‘arrow’ mode it is the least data intensive method for Amaze. The other shortfall is that you cannot search for locations in the US (a search for Best Buy showed Best Wok about 20 miles away). Their website notes that this feature as well as the ability to store maps on your phone are both planned in the near future, so we’ll keep you posted when that’s live.  If you know your end address though this isn’t a problem. Amaze tracks you in real time and is a very slick looking simple app that works well. I can’t help but to use it even when I don’t need to cause I get a kick out of the spoken directions:)

So, if you use navigational software occasionally and don’t want to spend the big bucks on some of the other applications then this is a great app to use. When search is available for North America this will be a home run.

AmazeGPS works on almost all Windows phones including the Diamond, Touch Pro/Fuze, HD, Tilt and even has a beta for the Touch Pro 2 so they’ll be ready. Just head over to their website for the download.