This is more of a reminder than it is news as I’ve maintained this would happen the moment I unboxed my Nexus One, Android exploding into success the dust of which Microsoft would be very fortunate to get a taste of let alone eat, but Google released a number at a New York City hoedown for the Droid X which sounds big enough to warrant a post: One hundred and sixty thousand Android devices are being sold and activated each day. To put that into some perspective, the month before that figure was 100K. Rewind further to February, 60K.

I ran the numbers and that is not a linear growth, it’s the other kind.

So this is no longer a fad, it’s not being fueled by passing curiosity from people who really want to try Google Maps Navigation. Enough of these things have been sold to put us well beyond that. Google clearly has a rock solid foothold in breaking into this market even though they showed up to the party late after all the guests had already made friends with each other, not needing to make another. If you’ll indulge me, Daddy Google rolled up to that party sniffing packets in his Street View hoopty with Daughter Android riding shotgun who was just so statuesque, lime sexy, mentally stable but a little wild in a good way (you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout fellas) and she just lit the joint up, showed everybody a great time and woke up the next day to be hammered with friend requests and pokes to Daddy’s vicarious delight.

But Daddy Google ain’t done teaching Daughter Android how to seduce the consumers. Heard he’s going to dress her up as a foxy littleĀ gingerbread girl later this year. He has had sixty different sexy outfits prepared for his daughter — okay, sorry, to escape this increasingly weird metaphor there are currently sixty different phones with Android on them, some of which are pretty badass, some even more badass phones and other devices on the way, over twenty OEMs behind them, sixty carriers and in fifty countries.

Yikes, that got boring fast. Next time I’m just going to let the weird metaphors ride.

Doug Simmons


  1. Can’t wait until later this year? But Microsoft has been training you and your people to keep waiting and waiting for something decent for ten years.

    Stopgaps, huh. So what do you call the Kin (other than a POS)?

  2. you left off the ones that are reall really crappy and the ones that will never get software upgrades…and the fact that these phones are just stopgaps because there’s a lack of phones out there for non-iPhone users…BB or Android…roc/hard place. That is until the future is here…Holidays 2010…an OS with a UI – can’t wait :)

  3. When I think of Kin I think of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Two shows that the teens are flocking to and noticing the KIN be used on. I also think about how many fans are on the KIN Facebook page.

    Android is indeed taking it to the iPhone. At some point though the “best phone ever” every month thing is going to get old fast.

    Android is a solid platform but for me i’ve grown past the need to customize everything I see.

  4. Android is blowing up all over the place with its awesomeness but you also have to consider the fact that they don’t have a non-carrier locked smartphone to deal with right now. Before anyone goes off on some kind of rant about how Windows Mobile is still relevant save all the breath you have to find something tall to jump off of because you are wrong. Install base is one thing and holy damn there are a lot of WinMo phones out there, but they aren’t selling any of them now (the HD2 as an odd exception and that’s the only WinMo driver out there.) I’d like to see some months with competition should there truly be any.

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