This year Mobile World Congress sounded just Android World Congress 2013. Even though there is no great announcements during MWC, at least we heard about new Android Devices. I think they should rename MWC as AWC from now on.


  1. Well since Apple and Microsoft have switched to holding their own events on their own schedule that only leaves the dozens of Android vendors to use MWC to get exposure and create a buzz.

    I saw a headline that MWC is getting larger but less relevant.

  2. AWC? While they’re at it, might as well just rename it Samsung World Congress.. =/

    Man I hate touchwiz. Sense I once had a soft spot for, back in my WinMo days, but that ended once I unplugged my phone from the charger and looked at my nifty milliamp draw thing on the Today screen.

    Still haven’t found something for Android that displays power draw at a given time, only a tally. On the other hand I haven’t looked hard because thanks to Android’s renowned optimization I almost never need to charge or reboot as you know.

  3. SWC? That’s a lot of fail right there. I can’t stand Samsung. Anything they get there hands on they manage to cause some minor issues with that they never seem to get around to fixing since they’re one the cusp of releasing the Galaxy XXVI. I like what you’ve done with the comment box text, by the proverbial way.

  4. I don’t know of any pertinent proverbs but thanks. Made a bunch of tweaks, some subtle, some perhaps too goofy. We’ve made some good progress lately. Feels good. Got a pulse, breathing shallowly, expecting to regain consciousness at some point after right now. Right on.

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