I thought I would give the new WordPress update for the iPhone a test spin by letting you all know that Angry Birds for the iPhone and iPod has just gotten updated. Check the update listed below for the details and then head on over to the app store and grab your free update.


  1. Crap, had to fix it on the laptop. Skyfire as well as Safari wanted nothing to do with the PNG file format the screen capture used. I have to find a better screen capture app that saves to a JPG so that Word Press won’t puke on it.

    Anyway, bite me David! LOL

  2. You’ve left me with no option but to do my next ost from my phone…oh and the picture will be on he right but text won’t wrap…yup, that’ll be me:)

  3. “That’s a shame butthe WP7 version didn’t have that problem. Time to upgrade ;) ”


    It reminds me of when I went to the ER a few weeks ago.. This is gonna sound like a “…walked into a bar” joke.. Two other guys walk in, one with an iPhone the other with an android.. The girl on the gurney had a blackberry. She was on the phone with her mom, the iphone guy tried to take a pic and post it but his battery died (he carried a charger with him, it must happen a lot), and the android guy never could get a signal to send the pic.. I took a pick and emailed it out no problems (nerd fight +1 for me)..

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