A Federal Judge has upheld the $368 million award, and denied Apple’s request for a new trial. The judge also ruled that Apple must pay$330,000 a day to VirnetX, a company that profits from purchased patents, until the two parties get together on a licensing deal for the four patents involved, . If both sides fail to reach agreement in 45 days, the judge will make a final ruling.

The lawsuit centers around patents allegedly infringed upon by Apple in Facetime and iMessage. Apple’s chief defense is that even if they have used similar technology to the patented tech in creating Facetime and iMessage it only amounts to a very small part of the complex software.

There is something about patent trolls that nobody likes. Lets hope Apple and VimetX can work out a reasonable settlement and not drag this out.


Source: Seeking Alpha


    • I took a look and quite the lineup of patents they have assembled. Always nice to see opportunistic companies seeing the value in a person’s ingenuity.

      It kind of feels like Shark Tank for tech. You look back and can do nothing else but shake your head because you see how much money that tech is going to generate.

  1. And in other news, Apple had a significant legal victory over Samsung in Japan. So I guess they’re having an okay day.

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