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Apple iPad Released April 3rd, Pre Orders Start March 12

ipad1 Good news for Apple Fans everywhere waiting on the first release of the Apple iPad. Apple has announced that they will be releasing the WiFi version first on April 3rd, but you can send 500 bucks to Apple as early as March 12th to pre order yours. Apple says the 3G version will be coming out later, something AT&T Users can also look forward to bogging down their already strained network. Having said that, I am not sure why anyone would not wait for the 3G version to be released, but if you simply can’t wait, jump on board with the WiFi version early.

I am hoping there are some Apple readers here that can comment on if they are going to get the iPad and what they are looking forward to most about getting one. For me, lack of keyboard is deal breaker. I have always been a physical keyboard mobility nut, but over time, have gotten accustomed to SIP Keyboards and can deal with them with only minimal irritation.

So please leave a comment and let us know what you like or don’t like about the iPad.

Click here to be whisked off to Apple’s website for more information.