iphone-3gs-appleNothing is better than free even though there may be a heap of phones better than the Apple iPhone 3GS. But if you are in fact looking to test the iPhone Kool Aide and you don’t want to come out of pocket one red cent, then head on over to Best Buy because they have the Apple iPhone 3GS for the very low price of free today only. Of course like all free deals, this comes with a hitch. Free will cost you a two year contract to the AT&T Death Star. Weight your options and if this seems right, hook yourself up.

Head over there now or click here.


  1. The 3G of course can use 3G neorkwts which is almost as fast as wi fi but definitely faster than EDGE which was what the old iPhone capable of using.The 3G also has better speakers than its predecessor a flush headphone jack as opposed to the recessed one on the older version.The 3G also has a full black or white (16GB only) back whereas the 1st one only came with a different backing.The 3G (through AT T subsidizing) costs $ 199/$ 299 whereas the old iPhone cost $ 399/$ 499.The 3G is also harder to unlock acquire for use on an unofficial carrier (because of the subsidizing).Apple so far refreshes the iPhone every year around June/July. Though announcements are in January and the actual sales begin in June/July.

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