I never been very happy about having to pay for more storage from Apple when Google and Microsoft has so much more free storage than they do. But I pay it. $20 bucks for 15GB of storage. I like taking pictures so it is necessary as I am using an iPad and iPhone. I was pretty relieved when they recently announced that they were raising their storage amounts and charging less money. Now I get 20GB of storage for $10.99. What I didn’t expect is the huge $0.81 refund I am getting after they moved me on that plan! The $0.81 is the prorated amount I have left in the 12 month agreement and renewal date in October. So yah! I’m $0.81 cents richer right now! Thanks Apple! If you have a storage plan with Apple you will probably be getting the same letter in your email like I did.


    • I just still hate subscriptions. I paid good money for my past versions of Office and I guess I will use them until I feel like I got my monies worth out of them. They I guess I will be forced to get another subscription. Grrrr

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