Investors and analysts all start circling around Apples next new device because of how big business Apple is and they all want the inside information on production and what to expect in the next Apple device. This is good for us because being consumers and gadget geeks we are all excited to see what we can expect to stand in line for next on launch day.
To start off with Apple appears ready to launch a shiny new iPhone this June/July getting back on their summer release cycle and what it won’t be called is the iPhone 6. Instead it will be called the iPhone 5S and have a few hardware updates. Rumored is the camera getting a much needed overhaul. From the current 8 megapixel shooter it will go to a Sony 13 megapixel camera plus a flash update. It also appears certain that the processor will get a horsepower increase. Code names for the prototypes are said to be called the N51 and N53.
There is only a code name for the full size 10 inch iPad 5 circulating which is J72. But it is the rumors on the second version of the iPad Mini that are getting juicy as it is said to have a code name of J85 and is slated to make its retail presence known in October with the iPad 5 just in time for Christmas. The mini, which is a sure bet to have a retina screen added could also see some more bulk added like it’s big brother the iPad 2 did when it got fitted for a retina display and became the iPad 3.
I personally passed on the iPad 4 not seeing a major reason to upgrade from my iPad 3 which has some retina screen goodness and does everything I need it to do. I did upgrade from my iPhone 4S to the 5 because of the screen size but ended up kicking myself because of the camera issues I have with the 5. So for me it looks like I will be in line for the iPhone 5S for sure to get in on some Sony camera love, but unless something really spectacular with the iPad 5 happens I will again be holding back. Processor speed for me is a non issue and no reason to upgrade. Apples OS, as outdated as it is, still is very optimized and I rarely have issues like my Android phone sometimes has. So until iOS 7 gets released and possibly has some feature not compatible with older devices, there does not look like a real need for me to stand in the Fruit line this year.


  1. Reading honest posts about the issues with the new iPhone is so refreshing (camera), most of my iPhone touting friends are the “this (enter newest iPhone version here) is technology perfected! I don’t need (enter lacking feature) or care about (enter hardware/software issue here)” type of people.
    I repeatedly took pictures with people’s cameras to get the ridiculous purple haze and asked, “really…this doesn’t bother you, you still think the iPhone has the best camera on the market?”
    I will never understand the mentality behind the refusal to admit a flaw in a piece of technology. From the moment I had my Nokia lumia 900 I assessed it honestly and could even tell people not to purchase or if xyz bothered them.

    • Thank you very much for the comment. Always try to keep it real around here. TBH I miss my Titan 2. WP is really cool, but it is hard to break from an ecosystem you are all in with professionally and personally at home with family and friends. If it wasn’t for the new Jailbreak coming soon I would probably off the iPhone 5 for the Samsung galaxy s 4 coming in feb? Next next WP is too far off but the pureview cam on that looks amazing.

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