We all know if they sold this you’d buy one. They must have a patent on this. Via @dantup https://mobile.twitter.com/DanTup/status/308341529519484928/photo/1


  1. Why you gotta dis Apple? Not enough material from Gooogle?

    Maybe you’re right that people automatically buy shit from Apple. But why might they do that? Here’s my guess, because Apple built a reputation of coming up with and delivering the best shit, taking risks and shit, whereas Microsoft has not been as aggressive in that capacity.

    Have you got a better explanation? What, better advertising? You think that’s it? Apple’s ads since Jobs kicked it have been crap but the last time I checked the Apple Store webcams they’re still packed.

    Also, though I forgot what else you wrote about, if you spoke negatively about Google Glass, yeah, maybe I need digital glasses but I don’t see that shit taking off in the next bunch of years. Respect to them, however, for trying all this crazy shit at the same time.

  2. Regarding Microsoft loving and Apple “dissing,” the relationship between the two companies is fairly symbiotic. Hell, Jobs once swallowed his pride (a rare move) and said that Internet Explorer is a “great” browser. He actually did that.

    Kind of like Dennis Rodman saying Kim Jong Un is a great leader, except Jobs wasn’t dumb enough to actually mean it.

    Keep on rocking the 140s.

    • To be fair, when SJ said IE was a ‘great browser’, there weren’t many alternatives, and Safari was still in Top Secret developer land

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