I am always one for making things easier, and setting up a new phone is definitely one of the ways I would like someone to make it easier. It is a massive pain to backup every thing and configure it back with all your preferences. Now you can make it easier on yourself if you trust AT&T servers to do the work for you. AT&T has launched a new service called Ready2Go which at current, is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.  You can however use your email account if you don’t have the currently only supported device to start the process. Here is what Ready2Go will handle for you:

  • Set up your email accounts
  • Connect to your social networks
  • Import your contacts
  • Set your wallpaper
  • Personalize your home screens
  • Install free applications
  • Set your ringtones
  • Select browser bookmarks
  • Configure your Wi-Fi


AT&T uses AES 256 bit encryption to encrypt your information and the information is stored behind multiple firewalls until the settings are received by your wireless device. (confirmation) In the event that your device does not receive them, then the information will be automatically deleted in 35 days or you can manually delete it by going to the AT&T Ready2Go website.

I am not really all that comfortable with putting my information like this to AT&T servers, but if you are, and you have the SGS2 Skyrocket, head on over to Ready2Go before set it up manually and let AT&T help you out.


  1. This is very good for the people who are either new to smartphones or not interested in technology stuff. But nothing can beat the out of box experience provided by Apple and Microsoft with their respective platforms, which might not need any other stuff to do.

  2. Cool.  It’s looking like SkyRocket(s) will be finding their way into my home in the near future.  Maybe even as early as today.   The latest updates in IOS5 have really messed with my wife’s 3GS.  She’s been due for an update, but held off to see what happened with the 4S-5 deal.  She’s pretty turned off of the Iphone right now and was thinking about heading over to AT&T today.

  3. We actually did check out the Vivid and Skyrocket side by side.  The qHD resolution on the Vivid is pretty nice, but my god the phone weighs a ton compared to the Samsung.   They’re both good phones with their pluses and minuses and its really not easy to chose between the two.

    • the vivid might weigh a ton compared to the skyrocket but theres a huge difference in the quality of the plastics as well. you can scratch samsung plastic just by blowing on the crap, whereas HTC is much more scratch/ damage resistant and way more likely to live through a fall in my personal experience.

      • You don’t have to sell me on HTC quality.. to date I’ve only owned HTC smartphones including a Touch Dual, Tilt2, HD2, and most recently an Incredible 2.

        There are features of both the Vivid and Skyrocket that I like, and some that I don’t.  At the moment, once you add it all up, I think Skyrocket just edges out the Vivid.   But damn they are soooo close to each other, its really not an easy decision. 

        [although Super One Click does work on the Sammy ;-)]

  4. I bought 2 of the SkyRockets and they are really cool except the Ready2Go doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried it on both phones several times in different ways and nothing is ever sent to the phone. The only other thing I’ve found I don’t like is the phone gets very hot during a call. My ear ends up burning and it isn’t because someone is talking about me behind my back.

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