If you are looking for a decent Windows Mobile Phone, AT&T is having a 1 Cent sale. I own a Tilt 2 which I reviewed and is a pretty good device. But why in the world AT&T skipped right over the HD2 is beyond me. Epic Fail in my book. There are a ton of custom ROMS available for the Tilt 2 and a ROM Upgrade coming that will put Sense 2.5 on your device.


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  1. Awesome deal, but I’m holding out for a couple of months to see what WP7 goodness comes our way. I don’t want to burn my upgrade on closeout merchandise.

  2. I thought ATT’s decision to skip the HD2 was a wise one. With WP7 on the way, it would be a waste of time, money and effort. Not to mention you’d be selling a Smartphone that was not capable of updating to the newer OS, that’s not too good for the consumer at all. Not to mention main stream consumers don’t care for windows mobile for a number of reasons (that took a lot to admit.)

    Then you have to think, ATT’s still have a large number so Smartphone’s available, plus the iphone. Why saturate the line up even more with an antiquated device…no matter how beautiful the hardware is.

  3. Cool! Was looking for a backup Tilt 2 to compliment the one I got last month. I anticipated it going down to $99.99 (or less) by September. But never expected .01, and in July. Even if I never need it I know I can get more than .01 on eBay.

  4. The upgrade fee and shipping are both free, so it is truly a .01 deal. BTW, this is only available on-line, no in-store. And, I don’t know when they changed it but the 200 message/month plan went down from $10.00 to $5.00. I have been averaging 190-225 per month, so it’s still better than the 1200 msg/month for $15.00 (would need to exceed 300 per month to justify). Add the drop of $5.00 for data ($25.00 plan for 2GB – I have never gone over 1GB in a month) and I just saved $120 year. Oh, it did cost me .01 and about 3 minutes of my time.

    If WP7 is really that special I will just have to go out and buy one retail in a year or so. After I sell off all of my other phones (2 Tilts2’s and a Fuze) I could probably pay cash.

    Thanks for posting Doug. You made my day!

  5. I have a perfect original Tilt for sale, a Fuze with some light scratches on the screen, and a BRAND NEW TILT 2 that doesnt have one scratch on it for sale! Anyone interested, please use the contact form. Make me an offer.

  6. Thanks jimski! I am trying to post more these days to shut David up… when he reaches 1000 posts he will be even harder to live with than he is now… :(

  7. @DavidK At first I thought that your slam was a little on the lame side( no emotion cons flipping him the bird) but I just noticed that today is his birthday. It’s probably a good thing that you were so gentle,,,,, his is getting up there in years, you wouldn’t want to give him a heart attack!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks, I really appreciate the kind tender thoughts I get around here!
    @Bryan: He posted that at 7:56pm so most likely he was already typing through beer goggles. :)

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  10. Thanks Bryan!! All I was hoping for was a way to get the Streak… Man that looks sooooooooooo cool!

    Been a great Birthday so far! Looking forward to some friends over shortly and some BBQ! Yahoo!

  11. If the Streak is your thing, Jenn Lee from Pocketables.com, recently started up a new site dedicated to the Streak http://www.streaksmart.com/. Jenn has some interesting comments concerning Dell and the device, you should check her site out.

  12. Don’t count on AT&T to pick up WP7 devices. They are unloading these to clean themselves of WM and WP. What they don’t understand is their own bloatware and ommitances (3.5 jack) killed the average consumer interest.

  13. Me thinks you are way off on this one Stan City. My guess is AT&T will be a very big part of the WP7 launch, promoting the crap out of the platform for at least the first 6-9 months. I assumed they were going to dump their WM devices, just didn’t know when or for how much. This is probably the primary reason AT&T decided not to take on the HD2. WP7 will be a clean start for all the phone vendors, delegating WM to eBay, a few online retailers, and possibily phone provider business/enterprise sites to support existing infrastructure.

    Even if Microsoft does not succeed in making a serious bid for top phone dog, they are still going to make a very big splash. And they will need (require) the cooperation of the “big 4” phone providers to accomplish that.

  14. AT&T passed on the HD2 because there’s no way that Crapple would have extended their exclusive deal if they were selling an HTC phone so massively superior to the iPhone 3 (which was their offering for the first year of the HD2’s life) and frankly the iPhone 4 as well.

    I got my Telstra Unit, flashed it to HTC’s WWE ROM and am still way ahead of the iPhone Fanboys!

  15. jimski, it mustve been awhile since youve looked at AT&T’s messaging packages, theres been a 200 msg plan for 5 dollars for at least a year and a half. glad to see im not the only one saving money on the new data plans too. for a penny though i might have to get one of those LG expo’s, if for nothing other than getting the projector to use while im camping or actually feel like watching a movie from a mobile device (sorry but even 4.3 inches is to small, makes me nauseous after 5 minutes)

  16. I think you may be right sm0k3ydaband1t on the texting plan, but I could swear I was paying $10 for 200. On vacation this past week but get home tonight when I will go through some old statements and see if/when it changed. I signed my last contract in December 08, and I think it was still $10 back then.

    Yeah, hard to beat the 0.01 price and I know I am going to be an AT&T customer anyway for the next two years. Further, if WP7 is really everything they say it is, I can sell this brand new, never used Tilt2 on eBay for at least $225 (they run $240 to $285) and use that to offset the AT&T subsidiy on a WP7 phone. Probably almost break even.

  17. Activated my 0.01 cent phone today (Tilt2b), pulled out the SIM and put it into Tilt2a and I am good to go. So Tilt2b is back in the box if should I need it. Or ready to resell if I don’t. Booted right up to TouchFlo and made/received calls so I guess it’s OK.

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