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AT&T Warhawk (Diamond 2) Theme Leaked

We received news that the AT&T Warhawk’s ROM was floating around out there and apparently the extraction has begun. So we’ve been treated with a little preview – a screen shot of the theme in action from Shadowline of XDA. I don’t say this often about AT&T’s themes but I actually like it.

You can also see that Yellow Pages has an application available for download. There’s also a link to mobi4biz (business/financial news) which their website lists as available for the BlackBerry through AT&T…apparently it will also be available for WM. Oh right – and it’s a 6.5 theme so that should give some indication that it’s not being released in the next month;) The application shortcuts are missing from the Home screen which we would have expected for TF3D 2.5 so that remains to be seen.

And just as an added bonus I extracted the theme cab that Shadowline provided and have uploaded the background wallpaper here to our forums if anyone would like to play with it. It is 480×800 as expected (WVGA) but of course it’s an easy resize to VGA.

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