The long awaited Mango update for Windows Phone is almost here! Just a few more days!

For many (if not all) wp7 users, release for this update has been a dodgy topic. Based on how the NoDo update was handled by both carriers and Microsoft themselves, not many had hope for a timely and well executed delivery. So much so, that many users either purchased dev accounts (the beta was made available to devs some months back) or voided their warranty by loading up leaked roms.

Well, worry not (unless this is all rumor and the blogosphere has once again disappointed you) juuuust a few more days. What is mango any way? why such a big deal? For fear of writing a sprawling 4,000 word “it’s the best thing you’ve never used” piece, let me just say it totes 500 new features and lots of praise from even the biggest anti Microsoft folk around.

The Focus, Surround and Quantum are all slated to get the goodness. AT&T specific Dell Venu Pro’s should look for the update to come directly from dell. Don’t fret Dell lovers, I am told Dell is hard at work to push the update next week as well.

The update is rather huge, as you should consider this a major release, so you’ll be doing so via Zune software. On its availability, you will receive a over the air notification and after that…well…welcome home!

check out this lengthy video of some mango goodness so you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for!


source lifestylesdefined


  1. It should be noted that Focus 1.4 is not slated for the Mango update until the end of October, that is unless something changed while I was in my slumber.

  2. I turned off my Focus long enough to pop the battery.

    1.3 for me.

    With any luck, I’ll be rocking Mango by Tuesday night!

  3. I took the chance and not loaded up the dev release of Mango. It looks like the gamble paid off. Don’t be upset when a flood of “i love mango” demos and adverts pop up from me.

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