Word on the streets from Phandroid and Gizmodo, with unboxing pic proof, is that Best Buys have been receiving Sony’s four new television models including Google TV and a Blu-Ray player plus a “sweet” remote. Gizmodo is under the impression that Best Buy, if they haven’t already been doing it since this morning, will be selling these puppies ASAP.

Which reminds me, you know what we could use? A tipster like these sites AOL owns. If one of you happens to be on the fence now about going to your local Best Buy to look around, could you kindly go ahead and do it and case the joint for these TVs, asking around if they’re not visible, if you see them or ask the right person how much they’ll sell for, how big they are etc and then tipped us off by emailing throwaway@batteryboss.org with your intel (or just posting it here), that would be extremely appreciated.

Doug Simmons


  1. Well I’m in a best buy right now and here they are. Standalone for $400, 24″ for $600, 32″ for $800 and 46″ for $1400.

    Salesman said they put them out this morning, generating significant sales and interest.

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