This weekend (April 25th through April 28th), Xbox LIVE members in the US and Canada will get free access to some of the most popular sports apps on the service – including more than 50 MLB games and 7 UFC Fight Story fights for free.

Enjoy free access to Sports on Xbox LIVE this weekend.

· All sports apps from April 25th-28th will be unlocked for both Free and Gold members in the US and Canada, including ESPN, UFC, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time, and NHL Game Center. 

· Watch live coverage and highlights of the NFL Draft on ESPN, catch more than 50 MLB games for free, and watch all 7 UFC Fight Story fights in preparation for Saturday’s big UFC 159 Pay Per View fight between Jon “Bones” Jones and Chael Sonnen.

In addition, enjoy highlights, recaps, and clips from the best of the NHL as teams jockey for position leading into the NHL Playoffs, and catch up on highlights of first round clips and highlights of the NBA Playoffs.

For more information on what’s unlocked during the Big Sports Weekend, visit:


  1. I never got into the whole gaming scene, except for Leisure Suit Larry way back in MS DOS days, but what I did get into is the Youtube Call of Duty “griefing” videos of an English fellow who goes by GeneralMinus (minus referring to his score as a result of all the teamkilling from his “camping policing” activities). Effing hilarious, check it out Ramon. Link.

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