How can you quickly tell if the TV, toaster, stereo, blanket or shirt you’re holding in your hands is the best deal on Black Friday?  Usually people who are ‘professional’ bargain hunters work in teams, relying heavily on cellular and radio communication.  I know because I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  

Now there’s an app called “Black Flyday” for android which helps to remove much of the guess work and frenzied calls from your insanely early shopping binge.  The app is updated in real time and displays steals and deals at stores in a radius around you.  

Black Flyday™ Features Include:   

  • Black Flyday™ can locate the hottest loss-leading deals within a certain radius with a touch of a single button on the user’s Smartphone for ultimate convenience. 
  • The Black Flyday™ App is available in English as well as Spanish. 
  • Teams of shoppers can collaborate to set this app up together, as a GPS-enabled, real-time bulletin board to share locations and deals that their other team members may be sad to have missed otherwise. 
  • Facebook friends are integrated into the application, so the users, if they wish, can share the deals they are “buzzing” about in real-time and with a potentially global reach. 
  •  A “deal scroller” scrolls all deals within your desired radius or friend network that may have otherwise been missed.  
  • By clicking on the map at the location of other “Black Fly’ers,” you can see the deals they are buzzing about and which are presented for you to take advantage of. 
  • The App stores the historical posts that your teammates and/or Facebook friends previously posted, and allows you to search thru those posts for specific items and deals that may be of interest. 


Get it while it’s free though, because after Black Friday, Black Flyday goes back up to $9.99! 

Available on the Android Market.

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