BlackBerry 10 was finally unveiled today by RIM during the 2012 BlackBerry World conference. RIM realizes that they need to make a splash at launch to garner any sort of momentum to compete against Android, iOS and, to an extent, Windows phone. One of the best ways to gain a foothold in the consumer market will be to have a robust selection of apps to choose from, and they’re hoping to do that by guaranteeing that developers will make $10,000 in the first year.

Yes, you read that right—developers are guaranteed to make $10,000. However, it’s not as simple as developing just any sort of app for BlackBerry 10 and cashing in on those benjamins.

First, developers will have to qualify and sign up for the certification program RIM is setting up. If the app you submit is quality certified and earns $1,000 on its own but falls short of the $10,000 mark, RIM will send you a check for the difference.

$10K is a pretty nice incentive for developers to create or ports their apps over to the BlackBerry 10 platform, and it looks like RIM is heavily invested in getting their OS up and running with a bang. Whether their new OS will be able to gain any traction is another story, but this certainly makes things interesting.

For those of you who haven’t seen the preview of BlackBerry 10, our very own Murani Lewis gives his thoughts on the preview shown right here and you can check the embedded video below.

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  1. Remember all the fuss over Microsoft offering branded app devs to port apps and games to the Windows Phone platform? $10000 is a lot less than Microaoft was willing to pay for popular apps. Now RIM has to be the 4th or 5th development option as devs should be aiming for the Windows8 platform too.

    Lets see how this goes.

  2. @Ram
    No matter what the stupid analysts predict, there will be tens and hundreds of millions of Windows 8 devices and PCs bought over the next year. The only OS that will keep pace with that type of market penetration is Android. I predict that Windows 8 based PCs will exceed or come close to matching the number of iOS devices in circulation by June of 2013. That isn’t even taking into account how many more WP8 devices will be sold by then as I believe a good number would be 5-10 million if Verizon actually holds true to their intention of fully backing the platform and T-Mobile gets some good high end WP8 devices.

    The news coming out of the SEC filing of Microsoft and B&N’s NewCo already gives confirmation a swapping out of the core OS for Nook tablets is going to happen. Microsoft is prepping for it by starting off with the front end store front.

  3. @Murani
    Yes you are right, the analysts just ignore the fact conveniently that Windows 8 Professional Tablets and Windows 8 desktops are also powered by Windows 8 and sold at Brick & Mortor stores and also Enterprises that are still banging on Windows XP and finally move to Windows 8, then that would simply surpass all of the other OS installations together in no time. And these Analysts just ignore that and rub the mantra, Post PC era, that their late God preached on us. But market always talk something different and quite contrary to these WS pundits.I see their case, they are totally invested in Apple and Google and now they want to protect their investments. And anyone who is emotionally attached to something can’t be a good advisor.

  4. @Murani
    It’s still a nice investment into their ecosystem. Not saying this will suddenly win over the entire developer community, but it’s a nice incentive to create or port an app over to BB. Then again, whether or not most apps can even reach $1,000 has yet to be seen.

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