Blackberry 10 shows up on video

RIM sits down with the folks at Engadget to run through some of the major features we can expect in Blackberry’s latest “10” OS. They are further along than I previously thought, which is s good thing given the due date of 1st quarter next year.

After watching the video, I do indeed see some fairly nifty features, but still nothing to catapult them back in the mix of things. For RIM, I feel as if Blackberry 10 will not be enough; they will need to hit a home run with the hardware. The launch devices for Blackberry 10 need to be stunning at the very least. What do you think about Blackberry 10 after watching the video?


source engadget


  1. Same here. They have some good ideas but the London isn’t going to catapult them to huge sales. Tiles that dynamically adjust the info is nice but how is that better than live tiles and widgets that can dynamically adjust to fit more info on a single screen.

    Until the consumer market shows acceptance corporate isn’t going to bite in this BYOD world. How does RIM compete with high end phones without the benefit of really cheap pricing?

    Heck even the group feature looks limited compared to Windows Phone 8’s Group and Room features.

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