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Boxwave Introduces The Keyboard Buddy for iPhone 4

It’s been along time since I’ve heard anything from Boxwave. I got this PR earlier about their new product called The Keyboard Buddy and it’s for your iPhone 4. It essentially turns the iPhone into a slider. Sort of reminds me of my old Tilt, which I still have in a drawer.


– Continuing its pursuit of bringing innovative mobile solutions to market first, BoxWave® is introducing the Keyboard Buddy™ today for Apple’s popular iPhone 4.  The Keyboard Buddy™ is a wireless Bluetooth, slide out keyboard with an ultra-sleek, low profile design.

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy™ brings the tactile, push-button keyboard to the iPhone 4 that many have desired.  It enables users to quickly and easily type emails, text messages, and notes with a physical keyboard, found commonly on the BlackBerry® and other smartphones produced by HTC®, Motorola®, and Nokia®.  The Keyboard Buddy’s physical keyboard allows for more natural typing.  It provides greater accuracy of typing as users can feel the keys tactilely and offers larger keys than the virtual on-screen keyboard.  The Keyboard Buddy™ connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® to the iPhone 4 for seamless operation.

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy™ for the iPhone 4 is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic. Its form maintains the minimalist design of the iPhone 4. With a snap of a finger, the keyboard quickly slides out, guided by a spring hinge.

Additionally, the Keyboard Buddy™ doubles as a protective case. The low profile, snap on shell casing attaches onto the iPhone 4 securely and easily. This protective shell features port openings for easy access to the iPhone 4’s volume control buttons, mute switch, and provides unobstructed use of the camera and built-in flash.

The Keyboard Buddy’s color and styling complement the Apple® iPhone 4, and upholds an elegant and professional appearance. The Keyboard Buddy™ is compatible with both AT&T’s and Verizon’s Apple® iPhone 4.

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy™ for the iPhone 4 is available immediately with an MSRP of $79.95. For more information, please visit:

The Keyboard Buddy™ is available online at and also at retail locations including Brookstone, Costco, Micro Center, and Franklin Covey.