I’m happy with my tablet, it’s an Android, the Le Pan, and I love it but what I don’t love is the fingerprints and smudges that I get all over the screen. Just yuck, I have to clean it all of the time, it’s just a pain.. Bracketron has just come out with something that I can appreciate and I think others might, it’s a stylus but it’s also a pen and it’s aptly named the Style-iT 2-in-1 Stylus.


Bracketron, the leader in mounting solutions and accessories for mobile consumer electronics, announces the Style-iT, a sleek stylus and ballpoint pen in one that provides added control on your touchscreen device while keeping it smudge-free. The built-in ballpoint pen is convenient for quick note taking, and an integrated clip makes it easy to store the Style-iT in your pocket, briefcase or notepad. The Style-iT comes in black, white and the same stylish colors as the Apple Smart Cover, including orange, green, pink and blue, and will be available for $24.95 at Bracketron.com and national retailers in mid-September.
The Style-iT is ideal for sketching, drawing and photography apps, as well as writing, tapping, dragging and any other activity that requires a fine level of accuracy and more exacting control than your fingertip. The stylus’ omni-directional soft tip adapts to any writing style, right handed or left handed, and is compatible with all touchscreen devices including iPad and iPhone. The Style-iT keeps touchscreen devices free of fingerprints and smudges, and makes navigating your device quick and easy.
“The Style-iT’s handy combination of high-precision stylus and ballpoint pen blends the traditional with new technology, making it a truly flexible accessory for modern mobile consumers,” said Mark Mandel, Executive Vice President of Bracketron. “Bracketron is proud to unveil the Style-iT at IFA 2011 and to continue to offer mobile accessories that promote and extend the use and functionality of today’s most popular mobile devices.”
•    2-in-1 stylus + ballpoint pen
•    Omni-directional soft tip provides added control on iPad, iPhone and any other touchscreen device
•    Provides finer level of accuracy for sketching, drawing and photography apps
•    Built-in clip for convenient storage
•    Can be used for multiple touchscreen devices
•    Comes in six vibrant colors to match your Apple Smart Cover






  1. While it is a cool looking stylus/pen, it is too expensive (IMO). I think the price for this would be better at $15 or less.
    Also, I think the stylus part should be covered, as well as the pen tip. I would not want the stylus tip getting scratched and scraped because it was not covered.
    It also does not say anything about ink refills. It would be better if they identified they type of refill (the more easily available, the better).


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