It may not be a bad decision, but it is not financially fruitful for Google if it was planning to extort money from its baddies Microsoft, Apple and others.

Google/Motorola thought…

it could get $4Billions on H.264 and other patents used in Xbox etc., but courts decided $1.7Millions while Microsoft originally said it would pay $1.2Million. Now who is winning?

  • 80% of Android OEMs are paying.
  • Motorola (Google) is caught by courts that it is using Microsoft’spatents without paying.
  • Microsoft is paying little to Google/Motorola.
  • Now with this Apple may go to courts again and make sure they pay nominal to Motorola/Google.

Good Luck Simmons.


  1. Good luck Simmons? Because Motorola looks like a bad buy and Android problems?

    Seems Google is doing quite all right in spite of this (more specifically, Google’s up 30% over the trailing year, versus Microsoft which is, unsurprisingly, flat). As for Google stuff on phones, remember that they’ve got a fairly prominent presence on iOS as well (Microsoft’s ramping up iOS efforts themselves, not a bad idea).

    All these nonstop Android OEM money to Microsoft announcements (don’t forget Foxconn with both Android and ChromeOS, that’s huge for Microsoft…) helps offset all the stock-slamming headlines of so many analysts downgrading Microsoft every month, also I suppose it keeps the dividends flowing from Redmond. 80% sounds like big bucks, doesn’t it.

    If I were you, I’d wish that luck to the Windows Phone guys, that all their hard efforts won’t always, always be completely dwarfed by the success of Microsoft’s Android operations, even though both you guys probably know that will always be true (unless you spin up some bullshit argument about how Windows Phone even as a failure is an essential ingredient to the whole Microsoft ecosystem or some bullshit like that). That’s got to sting those guys just a little bit, feel kind of bad for them.

    But hey, at least they’re outselling the iPhone in Argentina, right? So there’s that.

  2. Wait, how is windows phone a failure??
    Keep in mind WP (not WM) has been out a little over 2 years now, and to be totally truthful with you, if you look at market share over the same amount of time (the one thing that seems to impress you most) WP is not far off from where android was, if not slightly higher depending on which chart you prefer looking at.

    And this is done with a software that is not “free”, and being carried by WAY fewer OEM’s.

    So, yeah please enlighten us as to how it’s a “failure”.

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