1. Ruh roh. Well there’s just something about IPv4 addresses that people seem to like, specifically that they already have it and don’t need to upgrade anything and because it’s really hard to remember an IPv6 address.

    Fortunately there are tons and tons of IP address blocks containing huge (/8) amounts of IPs that have either remained completely dormant or could be tucked behind a NAT with no loss of functionality to the owner. A lot of these network owners would be better off with those hosts tucked behind NATs.

    I think more of an effort will be spent on getting people to relinquish superfluous IPs and shoving out more NAT usage, that that will happen as aggressively as it needs to without a sudden explosion of IPv6 adoption. The addresses are too damn long.

    Glad I’ve got a good stash anyway..

  2. I think I heard June is v6 day so that’s when there will start to be mass turnovers to v6 from the likes of Bing and Google…and like the Y2K bug, that’s the day we find out if we all exist or not ;)
    I read that some carriers, like Cablevision, had no plans to switch to v6. Not sure what that means to customers in the end…

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