XDA Legend Chainfire, has just posted a pretty cool video on an app that allows you to connect your Android device, in this case a Samsung Galaxy S2 to a very cool DSLR camera, the Cannon EOS 550D. Chainfire takes the EOS USB cable and connects to the SGS2 via a USB On the go cable and demonstrates how you can now have LiveView on your Android device using the Proof-Of-Concept app. The SGS2 device shown was not rooted either so this sounds really interesting.

I reached out to Chainfire for more info and download links so stay tuned. In the mean time, enjoy the video:


  1. This looks pretty cool! I’d like to get some more details on this. I have a T2i, the US version of the 550D. Of course, I would need to explore this on the WP7 platform…

  2. I got an email from Chainfire on this and he is not ready to release the app yet. Will keep you posted.

  3. Very interesting the fact that the phone doesn’t need to be rooted!
    Any news concerning where one might get the app?

    Thanks in advance.

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