Where Are The Cheap Windows Tablets?

Another Sunday, another stack of store circulars, and still no mention of $79, or $99, or even $199 Windows tablets. The holidays are upon us and Microsoft is missing out on another shopping season. While consumers [...]

Graphic Definition of the Term iSheep

That is all.         [...]

Wunderlist Updated With Live Smart Tiles

As promised, today Wunderlist updated their Windows Phone app to include Live Tiles for their Smart Lists; Today, Week, Starred. This is huge as you will now be able to see tasks due today, or this [...]

The Great Tablet Conspiracy

So, will retailers continue to shun Windows tablets when they reach a $79.99 price point? Four Sunday circulars and not a single Windows tablet listed. [...]

Deal Alert: Asus VivoTab Note 8 at Tiger Direct for $329.99.

Like it says in the image. Just checked and Amazon has the 64GB for the same price w/Prime. But if you have a CompUSA nearby, you can touch before you buy. Amazon has a better deal [...]

Weave Servers Are Down

Guess I’ll just go back to sleep. Sent from Windows Mail [...]


My name is Robert but I go by the screen name of HERG62123.  I am a big time American Activist in securing the USA from Cyber Attacks.  I am very knowledgeable in defensive and offensive ways [...]

Intel Unveils Dual OS Platform

At CES 2014, Intel unveiled Dual OS boot platform allowing user to switch between Android and Windows with single button push. Does it really make any sense? I am really not sure at this point though. [...]

Way to go Microsoft – Xbox One Sales

Microsoft announced on Xbox site that they have sold 3 million plus units of Xbox One in 13 countries before the end of the year. They have sold 2 million units within 18 days of Xbox [...]

Firmware update for Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830)

Firmware update for Dell Venue 8 Pro (model 5830) is available. Dell support website mentions this is an important update that fixes issues with touch panel. Of course this requires a reboot after updating the firmware. [...]