If you see the phrase “iPhone 5S” in a title today just move on

Today is one of those days where rumors about rumors are flying around as though the original rumors are now more or less credible because new unsubstantiated rumors confirm or deny...

Apple’s Google Glass competitor with 4G and retina display revealed

We all know if they sold this you'd buy one. They must have a patent on this. Via @dantup https://mobile.twitter.com/DanTup/status/308341529519484928/photo/1

Skype People Hub integration update confirmed

Joe just went on the record: @ammarmalik1 Skype integration in people hub is on way... Requires a Skype update, and no I can't say when that's coming.

Lady Misuses IPad In Public

That moment when you realize technology has fallen into the hands of an idiot. That sums up this woman and her penchant for whipping out her iPad and snapping pictures as...

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

It looks like the FCC will revisit the ban on unlocked phones. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/03/01/173254835/fcc-to-examine-federal-ban-on-unlocking-cellphones

Chrome Down, IE Up in Market Share Last Month, Again

Chrome dropped 1.21%, while IE gained 0.68% in market share last month, putting Chrome at a 17 month low. Hell, if wasn't for Chrome being attached to every free app download...

AT&T, are you sour grapes?

Didn’t you know this before your failed attempt to swallow T-Mo last year? Why are you bitching about reliability of T-Mo now? http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/1/4044168/att-attacks-t-mobile-reliability-and-network-speeds-in-newspaper-ad

Are you a coder and own Surface Pro?

Well I am a developer and write a lot of code daily, and I own Surface Pro. I wanted to use Surface Pro while travelling and do quick POC development and...

Big Bang Theory

First day of the month but last weekday of the week. Windows Phone is in the midst of another run on heavily requested apps not named Instagram.

Microsoft sells Atlas ad network to Facebook

It's now official - Microsoft has exchanged a poorly performing ad platform that it overpaid for in exchange for about $100m. Looks like Facebook is serious about revenue from ads. It's...