Glu Mobile Inc., a leading global publisher of mobile games, today announced the worldwide launch of Clash of the Titans: The Movie, the sixth title Glu has developed and published through its licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Clash of the Titans: The Movie is an intense action game based on the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures where players fight their enemies in lavish environments taken directly from the movie.

“The Glu team has been hard at work to create a mobile version of Clash of the Titans that is engaging and exciting for newcomers of fun action games and the film franchise,” said Alex Galvagni, CTO & SVP Global Product Development, Glu. “This authentic game combines light RPG elements and a deep combat system which is perfectly paired with a narrative that tie in with the plot of the film.”
Features include:

  • Arcade Action – Exciting boss fights with Medusa and the Kraken.
  • Deep Gameplay– Nine level single-player experience.
  • Rich Graphics – High-quality special effects and visual flair.
  • Leveling System – Rewards for killing enemies, allowing upgraded skills and ability to buy new attacks.

Clash of the Titans: The Movie is now available on BREW, J2ME and Windows Mobile.

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