There are lots of (mostly) baseless rumors about what Microsoft is going to price the Surface at. Let’s accept that $599 is the figure for the WinRT base model, just for our own amusement. That is a substantial discount over a $599 iPad – it’s just a question of realizing it. Here, take a look:

Microsoft is effectively selling a discounted bundle. Now they need to market it.

via Manan Kakkar


  1. iWork*

    Still doesn’t mean shit until these things are actually sold and _if_ people actually buy them.

    They have a hell of a battle ahead of them. It’s microsoft’s game to lose at this point. Android tablets are dead in the water. Can they honestly compete with the iPad in the market? Who knows. I’m interested to see what happens for sure, but I’m very skeptical as well.

  2. I’m all about competition, & I prefer at least 3 options, so I’m rooting for the Surface to make it in a big way.

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