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Crayon Physics Deluxe Comes to Windows Mobile!

For those of you who have been following us for a while you may recall Steve Davis’ plea to have Crayon Physics Deluxe ported to WM. And to fill the void of living without Crayon Physics we were pleased to find a port of Numpty Physics. But the Samsung Omnia II came preinstalled with the one and only Crayon Physics Deluxe written for Windows Mobile. The credits to the game tell us that it is in fact made from Kloonigames, the same developer Steve made the plea to. But interestingly, their website doesn’t mention the existence of this game (unless I’m just missing it). Well thanks to the miracle that is extraction, the files have been turned into a cab so that you can enjoy Crayon Physics Deluxe now! It’s a physics game and appears to be a full port of the PC version and it’s awesome for those of you who are into these types of games. So these are puzzles that you need to solve by drawing objects and if you plan it out right and the physics are on your side then you’ll be able to solve the puzzle.  Due to the site this was hosted on (which I ask anyone who knows it to not mention in the comments) I am not linking the site directly except to say that the extraction was the work of maze1980 and the cab is the work of Ganondolf. The file can be downloaded here from rapidshare and here from megaupload. This runs great on a Pure but does not run at all on my Fuze. It appears as though a WVGA screen is a requirement to run this (like the Tilt2 or Pure), but I’m sure you guys will provide plenty of insight into what devices this works for in the comments.