Dell reduced its Windows RT tablet to US$299.99. It was originally $449.99. Every Windows RT tablet comes with Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows RT free, which is better than competition if someone is not really looking for a powerful word processing, number crunching or presentations. Office for Windows RT is way better than competition including Google Docs, Apple’s own Pages, Numbers, KeyNote on iPads. There is optional cover for $30 and keyboard dock for $40. Dell XPS 10 also comes with optional AT&T 4G connectivity. This is offered with Keyboard dock and Tablet for $499. Dell XPS 10 won PCMags Editor Choice with 4 star rating. You could order online here. Source: CNET


  1. Any idea how much do OEMs have to cough up for W8, WP (other than Nokia) and RT licenses? Or is it a fuzzy math thing depending on the circumstances?

  2. I think thats a secret, which both OEMs and Microsoft would not disclose. Probably each OEM would want to keep their bargaining strategy Microsoft a secret.

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