Engadget often gets heat for dissing Windows Phones but today they’ve actually gone ahead and released an official app for Windows Phone 7. And yes, this I an official app from AOL. it even lets you choose if you want news from Engadget, Engadget Mobile and Engadget HD to let you filter the news. You can see featured, latest news, podcasts, videos, etc. Overall it’s a nice interface. And yes, it’s free.


  1. How’d you find this? If I search for it in Zune or in the Marketplace app it doesn’t bring any results.

  2. @DavidK:

    Ah. I used Microsoft tag to open it in the Marketplace. Weird, though I’m betting you’re right that it’s pulled for some sort of release since Engadget never mentioned on their site or Twitter that it’s out. I really hope it has a dark theme, or I will never use it as it will kill my Focus’ battery faster.

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