If you found it hard to share content from your news feed on Facebook you are in luck because there is a new update today that is going to help us fat fingered guys! Instead of having all the buttons on the left hand side, they now stretch across the entire bottom. This is what it looks like now:

And this is what it looked like before:

It looks really nice on the iPhone as well. So get updated and head into the weekend sharing more social media on Facebook. While you are at it, show us some love and follow us on Facebook
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  1. I’m afraid of the like button, I’ve never hit it except once when my wife was doing some fundraising swimathon shakedown thing and made me like her YMCA swimming page. I’m the husband, I gotta hit the button.. cornered.

    I guess it’s that I’m well aware I am deviant with respect to what I like and it may be simply in my best interests to keep that to myself, you know?

  2. HaHa at least you’re aware of such things Simmons. I have people on my Facebook friend list that like porn pages left and right. Every time I wonder if they have the good sense to know that their likes are public and their feed shows exactly what they liked and when. Chances are most aren’t aware. I find it quite enlightening and refreshing to see what people are really into.

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