Today Facebook surpassed the 500m user mark and is the most visited site on the internet but it’s not quite time to celebrate. A new study finds that they are hated as much as airlines and places them in the bottom 5% of private sector companies. It’s a mix of privacy issues plus continued changes to the site that seem to frustrate users. This is all at a time when pretty much every platform is integrating Facebook in some way as it seems to be the social network. So the simple question: how much do you love/hate Facebook and is Facebook integration something you require in a phone?


  1. I don’t love it or hate it, I simly use it everyday. And I don’t understand the people who complain about changes & privacy issues at the same time .. how can they improve it without changes? Btw. I find privacy settings satisfactory. In fact the only thing I miss in fb is “I dislike” button.

  2. If there is any frustration with FB privacy, pull a Jobs and blame the user. Really in this case the user is at fault. People post personal information that I wouldn’t imagine. I’m a casual FB user and really just use it for networking. If I really wanted to communicate with someone I would pick up the phone and call them (or at least shoot them a text). I think many people use FB as auto therapy (Dr Jim can you provide further insight please) to vent or to boost self esteem by adding as many “friends” as possible or clicking “like” frantically on other people’s posts hoping they reciprocate. Don’t get me wring it’s a wonderful venue to exchange information and share with those loved ones that are far away, but most of the times I see posts like “good morning FB” or “some people claim I should begin a singing career, should I FB?” WTF?

  3. i definitely use FB daily and I love it. Integration with my phone is essential and HTC has done a great job with this via Sense. I like having my contacts’ pics constantly changing. It keeps things fresh.

    I’m actually anxious to see WP7’s implementation of this…..

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