After 7+ months of using Windows 8 pro right out of bat, I got this new BSOD on my Lenovo G570 with 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD. It said NTFS.sys failure before restarting the system. I like the new BSOD though. Looks like after doing nonstop coding, testing and documenting with 20+ apps opened for 14 hours and running good chunk of dummy messages through BizTalk interface for the last 3 hours brought the Hard disk to crash. Luckily no physical damage to HD though. I like the new BSOD and the way and it asks us to confirm to reboot the machine. I like it, it is like comedy in the tragedy.

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  1. There is another culprit in this scenario. The Steam Engine. It failed twice today with some DLL issues and it is constantly banging the HD though. I couldn’t really read it because I was so tied up with other activities. Will uninstall and recheck the HD activity.

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