Since when did having 1GB of RAM on a phone become a negative? Ask any iPhone 5 owner if 1GB of RAM is holding awesome back. Heck check the user satisfaction ratings for the iPhone 5 or Lumia 920 and you’ll see they score pretty high. Just because somebody comes out with 2GB which proves very necessary for adequate operation on that particular phone doesn’t mean every other phone should be dinged. The vast majority of the consumer market doesn’t care. All tech journalists prove when they reference these things are that they are geeks who don’t get how most others think.

DId you read the story of how the U.S. stock market analysts were manipulating stock prices of BlackBerry in an attempt to undermine the pride of Canada? It’s a good read. Especially so if you like fiction. The author completely misses the obvious that BlackBerry’s stock has risen dramatically compared to where it was a few months ago. It also fails to acknowledge the paradox of a thriving black market existing simultaneously with sim-free selling of the BlackBerry Z10 in stores. The black market would be selling phones at higher prices. Who would buy a phone on the black market at higher prices when you can walk into a store and get it for lower? We get it, your personal stock position is Long on BlackBerry so you don’t want to lose your drawers if the stock goes south fast. Still interested in the story click here.

Memo to SXSW. You’re fast becoming irrelevant so no I will not be paying you thousands to waste my time. I’d much rather venture over to Mobile World Congress (Feb 25-28, 2013)where significant things happen. I’m just saying, know your audience.

The Playstation 4 is coming. I can’t say I’m super excited because I stopped playing games quite a few years ago. Then again There is nothing quite like a fresh console war to get the juices boiling. Microsoft is now apparently planning to hold a Xbox event in April to share the initial part of their next generation console story. I’ll go ahead and give the Xbox crew a big hint: Don’t suggest how awesome using Windows Phone with the Xbox will be. That is about as bad as Sony suggesting that the PS Vita would be an awesome differentiating feature. I’ll leave you this week with an awesome abridged version of the PS4 Announcement courtesy of VideoGamerTV. Enjoy!


  1. Damnit Murani, would you stop it with the 1GB is enough because it’s optimized crap? Wake up, people want better specs, they don’t know or care why but that’s what they want so get with the program.

    Speaking of fireballs, nuclear fireballs, do you have any idea how hot those things are? Or how many atmospheric pressures or whatever the room goes up when they light off one of those thermonukes a thousand feet underground?

    Mind … blown, Murani. Get it? Mind blown? .. because of the nukes? Never mind..

    • I make it a habit to ask people who have phones and tablets things the tech savvy crowd like to measure. RAM, Storage, Multi-Cores,etc. I’m finding it more and more the standard response that not only does the consumer don’t know they don’t care about such things. What they do care about is their user experience.

      See Simmons, i’ve wised up, what I think about a product isn’t going to make it a mainstream hit. Consumers are sold products and you do that by getting them to feel like they need it. Why am I in the market for an Android phone? Google Now, which is a service not a tech spec. I could care less about octo-cores or 1080p screens. Most people couldn’t tell you what resolution their TV is let alone their phone. Slap the label HD or HD+ (if you want to get cute) on your phone screen and call it a day.

  2. All for Google Now? … I really ought to try this Google Now now, especially if it’s managing to lure the likes of you to Android and it’s on my phone just waiting for me to slide my thumb up a bit.

    As for your anti-consumerism remarks, I’d be with you if you were trashing 3D, but not octocores and 1080p screens.

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