That’s a pretty significant stat. A new platform was able to make a developer 7x as much money and it both had more sales and those sales were at a higher price point. For the Android fans that are going to tell me about their free software, we have a free clone of Fruit Ninja as well (called Pirates Ahoy) but that lacks the Xbox Live tie-ins. And we’re told Fruit Ninja is one of seven apps to gross over $100k for WP7 already. Again, for a young platform, not bad at all. As more devices on more carriers are unleashed the spread should only grow larger.

Developers can already start to see that WP7 is the real deal, so may as well jump on to a platform that actually promotes and pays you and not one that’s linked to free games and piracy.

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  1. Whooptie F”””ing Do. As an Android user I enjoyed my Adroid version of this game 7 times better than Windows mobile Users as I paid $0. The return on investment is astonomical.

  2. @DK. You are such a hypocrite. I wonder if you could change your settings to get free tethering and wifi hotspot on your WM7 phone would you (I’m sure you may have done this on previous Windows mobile phone)? Is that OK? Does pirating include all parities not just artist and app developers? If you are stealing from “The Man” are you involved in piracy? I got the answer. YES, YES, YES, and a Double Yes.
    Stop putting your nose up to something you have done and, given the right opportunity, will do again. Free games and piracy is what you really want, too but your articles are so fake it is disturbing. I come to this site to read the truth regardless if it is good, bad, or if I agree or don’t agree. To hear you bash Android with the free & piracy point of view is very weak. C’mon Dave you can find better and much solid points for a developer to go to WM7. Don’t use piracy and free games because I’m sure you have free games on your device and if possible obtain free tethering and wifi hotspot (piracy) like other Android users. You are not alone as many readers are pirating but don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Oh hell I’m sure some of the writers for this site pirates one way or another but you can use that as a promtion for WM7. The MS lab rat effects are truely here.

  3. @RowdyC: I can change the settings to tether on WP7 so you know. I have no reason to use it but it is possible.
    My problem with the open Android market is that there are known pirates and they can act openly. Take a game, download the apk and reupload and that actually stays on the market as a legit app. The virus that circualted last time for Android circualted exactly by that method. That’s my real issue. That the devs can’t protect themselves from that sort of thing. In fact, I think Flight Control had a game called “Flight Control” except it was not made by the real dev (I think Namco) and they even used the real icon…all of that was permitted. Being friendly to devs is more than being open. Android needs to protect intellectual property rights. There’s also a ‘free’ mentality and that’s independant of piracy but there’s a lot of hesitation to pay for apps on the market. So overall there’s a mindset that works against developers on Android.

  4. @RowdyC:

    what this mean is that developers are going to be drawn to the platform that yields the most money.

    is doesn’t mean wp7 is a better platform for users, but if they start drawing the premier apps, it will be.

  5. @RowdyC: I’ve stated it before – some devs want upfront revenue and some want ads.Not my call as to which they prefer and which they think is the most profitable. Also, some ads detract from games and make them less playable so they hurt it in the long run. Anyway, the simple point is that Android has a multiple of WP7 users (maybe even a multiple upwards of 50x) but despite the small base MS is working the marketplace effectively to encourage developers. That’s the impressive part of their strategy.

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