Even Google has chimed in on Android tablets and combine the overall concerns of Froyo on a tablet  with the Galaxy Tab running at an odd 1024×600 there were some real concerns that Android apps just wouldn’t resize right. Only way to dispel a rumor like this is to take a Tab and run some apps and that’s what Android Community did.   Their findings:

It turns out the the Tabs resolution will not be a problem for apps on the device. Google still may go with their plans and block market access, but the apps themselves will look and function just fine. Android Community at the hands-on event got to see the device, on top of the screen looking amazing, there seemed to be no present scaling issues at all.

They even have a video of their app running on the Tab which seems to run fine (except one instance where scrolling doesn’t seem to detect the finger tap). 

it’s reassuring that this won’t be a concern, at least across the board. I’m sure there will be more compatibility tests in the future but it doesn’t seem like the doom that was predicted.

By the way, image via Pocket-Lint but I couldn’t resist it. I mean, it’s like a laptop on your face. I don’t care if it plays nice with apps – you need to use Bluetooth or else you’ll look lie that.


  1. Quite a bit of speculation. Where you out of viable news so you had to make some up? How about we wait and see the actual product working in real life. Then if it is an issue we can discuss. All the video of the Galaxy Tab shows things running perfectly.

  2. xxl: We’re more in the business of speculation than of fresh and viable news. Hence, mobility digest, not mobility news (though we’d probably have gone with that domain if it weren’t taken).

    And this is kind of a hot-button issue, the hardware-side of the fragmentation attacks against Android, that it may have been built from the beginning pretty well in terms of applications being able to be plopped onto devices of both different resolutions and of screens of different aspect ratios so anything that sheds light on that in either direction, that it can or cannot do it well for the sake of developers, that’s digestion-worthy to me.

    But hey, if you run into viable news and want to tip us off on it, I made a little submission box thing on the sidebar… please indulge us sometime.

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