Get Any Flash Site Working On Surface RT

For the keened eye among us, there seemed to be some foul play when it comes to flash and Windows 8 RT tablets. Microsoft announced a while back flash would be supported, but it seemed like hit or miss. Well, it really wasn’t it hit or miss, it was pretty much what ever website they thought was safe, everything else was a miss.

So, for those of you who refuse to give up your adult site and other such site habit or even something simple like cnet. there is good news. It turns out, Microsoft is using a form of whitelisting to only allow certain “trusted” websites to make uses of flash in the browser. Thanks to good ol’ “we will not take no for an answer” Xda-Developer community, here is a way to get around that.


  1. Go to the desktop version of IE10, hit the click ALT button on your keyboard, click on and then Compatibility View settings.
  2. Uncheck the last checkbox: “Download updated compatibility list from Microsoft”.
  3. Open the following file, which is your local version of the whitelist: “C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml”.
  4. Look for the and tags, between which the allowed domains will be listed.
  5. Add as many websites as you want using the others as a template: “”

You  might want to use notepad to edit the xml file.

One side note, if you’re like me and did not purchase a smart cover with you keyboard, you’ll have a hard time finding the “ALT” key. Thanks to TheFight, the solution to this is also easy. Simply pull up your charms bar and search for “OSK” You can use this on screen keyboard’s ALT to accomplish the task.

So, Microsoft, you want to tell me why my Surface on screen keyboard has no ALT key? Any who, be mindful of this tweak. Disabling updates in the feature will also disable ability to get new functionality in IE and how it works with other websites. My advise is to save the list of sites you wanted to add to the list, disable the tweak, update it, then run the tweak again. Enjoy your adult like habits  cnet video reviews and other innocent browsing activities folks.


  1. The power of Windows is the ability to manipulate it. I’d suspect we’ll see as much tinkering with Windows RT as people do with Android. It’ll be a while before Windows RT gets up to full speed but in the mean time these type of things will help a ton.

  2. FYI, for Standard Keyboard Layout you can also toggle this on from the Settings Charm>Change PC Settings>General

  3. I just purchased the Microsoft surface rt and I followed the instructions and the file couldn’t locate the c:users was I suppose to enter my name where it says user_name if so I did that too, what else can I try

  4. I tried doing the systemtic steps towards opening this file but I hit a dead end after I get to “local” because the local folder is empty. So where else could I possibly go to find the correct file?

  5. Trust me fellas you are not missing out by not having Flash support and thanks to Steve Jobs we’re already well past the day where having Flash Player was a necessary ingredient to a good web experience, with very few exceptions.

    Also, for the win, try it out.

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