We really appreciate our readers here at Mobility Digest and just to show you how much, we have three OtterBox Defender Series cases to give away! Three winners will be able to pick any Defender Series Case they want for their smartphone. That’s right, three winners!

The Defender Series Cases that we have to give away are made from high quality polycarbonate shells, with a tough new silicone outer sleeve. OtterBox has developed a new formula for their silicone that makes them last even longer and stay put on your device. (OtterBox even has Real Tree Camo designs  for all you hunters like me!) The OtterBox Defenders Series Cases retail for $60 so this is a great time to protect your device for free!

So you’re ready to win one, right? Okay, here’s how:

Case #1: Leave a comment right here in this post and tell us which device you will put the OtterBox Defender Series case on and why you think you should win it!

Case #2: Follow Mobility Digest on Twitter and retweet the following:

Win 1 of 3 OtterBox Defender Series Cases for your Smartphone! RT & Follow @MobilityDigest to win! Details: http://bit.ly/xG6TRm

Case #3: Like us on Facebook and leave a comment with which smartphone you will put the OtterBox Defender Series case on and why you think you should win it!

Winners will be drawn at random and the contest will end Friday Feb 24th. We’ll announce the winners over the weekend!

Good luck and thank you for reading Mobility Digest!


  1. I’d use it with my iPhone 4, and it would be beneficial since I drop it alot lately! Thanks for the chance!

  2. i would put the case on my spring samsung galaxy s2 because i had a htc evo 4g before and it could have been saved if i would have had the Otterbox defender series case on it and i really don’t want to lose this phone as well.

  3. I’d put this on my Surround because I’ll probably give it to Son when I upgrade! No more, “Can I play Illomilo on your phone?” Play it on your own, kid!

  4. I am a small business owner who does outdoor work and my phone is the life blood of my business, I really could use some protection for it! The Otterbox is an awesome case, but one I can not afford at this time.

  5. I’d use it for my iPhone 4
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  6. Momma of 3 here, so you know I’m forever grabbing the kids n dropping my phone n cracking every case I buy!!! Would so
    Love to win this!!

  7. I realize I should have picked 2 up for the kids at christmas would love to have a birthday present for my sons iphone! Thank you!

  8. I swear by otter box cases. I had one for a BB 9700, I dropped it and it got rolled over by a truck and it was fine! No damage what-so-ever! It too was the defender series.

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  10. I would have liked this for my HTC MyTouch 4G, but they don’t have one for my phone. But, it would probably be better for my son’s iPod Touch 4G (is that how you refer to the latest iPod Touch?).
    He is 9 years old, and I would feel a little better if he has this to protect it, rather than the cheap plastic case he has now.

  11. And, I posted on the MD Wall (Ken Gedgaud), I hope I was supposed to put it on the MD wall.

    And, I probably should have put these on a single post ;)

  12. I had a back operation on my lower spine,the operation went wrong & i am having around 1-20 back spasms a day,they are all strong enough to drop me onto the floor,i have broken 2 phones because of this.

    I have an HTC HD7,which i carry with me all the time,in case i have another major back spasm,end up on the floor & cant help myself,i really need this phone protected.

    I know this sounds like a sob story,i can promise you that what i have siad is very honest. i really do have to carry my phone & really need it,i cant afford for it to be broken.

    I would love a case to help protect my phone.

    Thank you

  13. I actually work for a wireless company and I always utilize Otterbox cases and purchase them for my devices even when my company doesn’t provide them directly. I just received an iPad 2 and I utilize it for work on the sales floor and i think it would be a great selling tool not only for myself, my store and my company but also Otterbox as everyday I would be able to demonstrate and have the product in real life usage which would help my store it would also benefit Otterbox as their sales would increase. With my phones I always do test to convince customers to purchase Otterbox by throwing my phone across my sales floor because my belief in Otterbox and the case is that strong and I want to be able to show how great the Otterbox is for tablets as that is an emerging area Otterbox can definitely dominate in and I would love to assist in that process.

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