In case you’ve fallen in love with Priority Inbox, have a phone with an HTML5 browser (Android, iPhones) and don’t mind checking your mail with the browser rather than an app, if you’ve got it enabled using your desktop, fire up on your phone and see what happens.

I didn’t say it was that big of a deal.

While I’ve got you here, who’s that in the picture, what movie and which scene? If you know the line surrounding this scene, the question he repeats, don’t say the line obviously, just somehow indicate that you know it.


  1. Wow, it is actually pretty cool in my opinion. Way better than the email client built in. I like this mo better. Thanks Simmons…

  2. I think you mean “here”. Hey Doug could you sometime in the future release a post somewhere along the lines of making the best use of Android with some tips on optimization/app use etc.? I think that would benefit a lot of people including me. I am a recent convert and would love some knowledge on the subject from an experienced user.

  3. Shit .. thanks for the tip.

    That never happened by the way, whatever it was you saw and corrected me on.

    Sure thing my man, I spent an hour last night, over an hour actually, digging away for the best possible sources, RSS feeds for my Google Reader which I may share, of everything big but most importantly fresh and young related to Android and as a gesture to the enemy on WP7 too, like not just the XDA Android forum but the Dev/Hacking forum for the Nexus One even though I’m on the NS, other sites… Yes I’ll be doing just that, just want to hit the button on a piece that does not fit that description.

    Suggestion appreciated. That’s the ball to keep my eyes on right there.

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