1. Ok, WHAT the hell is wrong with this guys voice?? IS his voice supposed to be coming through his nose like that?

  2. LoL. It seems he took page from Eric Schmidt. Eric’s baby sitting didn’t go wrong and ES should be proud. Page took jabs at Microsoft and Oracle. Hello, this is not Wall Street Conference or some other, it is developers conference. Please take the correct podium to vent against your rivals. Since Schmidt will be happy, I see our Simmons jumping on the couch while listening to Page.

  3. Sean: Larry Page has been suffering from a recurringly-debilitating vocal cord paralysis condition. Sometimes he sounds like this, other times he can’t talk at all, and has trouble breathing, it is permanent and life-threatening.

    Additionally he has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which may have precipitated this condition.

  4. .. which I’m sorry to learn, first time I heard him speak, took a liking to his style.

    Perhaps I took that liking either because he’s good or it’s an exaggerated impression from a presumption that a man potentially on his last legs who has to struggle to talk (on the occasions on which he is able to do that) chooses his words (and his options in life and business) wisely; also that he remains in this leadership position in spite of the condition (conditions plural) suggests that he’s highly regarded within Google, which is how I’m regarding him, having sat through this.

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