Google just added the most requested feature of its email to its Sync services.  Now,  not only are you able to keep your contacts and calendar up to date via Exchange, but you can also get true ‘push email’ with your account.  It’s very simple to setup and works fairly quickly (most emails appear within seconds of when they do in the interface).

The initial synchronization may take much longer than you’d think depending on how many emails you receive, and whether you’ve setup your calendar and contacts to sync or not.  You can choose to sync only your email and contacts if you don’t use the calendar, but I highly recommend the Google Calendar!

To get more information about setting this up for your Windows Mobile phone, click through via THIS LINK, other wise go to  And as always, if you have any issues, ask away here on the blog, or in the forums!

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And more..

I need more phones.


  1. I have been waiting for this for so so so long now all we need is a solid IM client for G Talk does anyone know of a good one?
    I dont like agile messanger its always reconnecting.

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