You may be getting tired of my Android is Now Outselling XYZ articles but this could be the last one: Android phones are now outselling Blackberries (and iPhones and Nokias – everybody) in the US. During Q2 of 2010, according to the NPD Group, 33% of all smartphones sold have Android under their hoods, RIM at 28% and iPhones carrying 22%.

Data on WinMo, WP7 and Kin was nowhere to be found.

Android has dethroned RIM from a three year uninterrupted ride at the top of quarterly sales, a coup muscled largely in part by the Droid, the Droid Incredible, the Droid Eris, the EVO 4G and the Hero which are all fairly high-end phones which are being joined by a slew of other high-end buddies like the EPIC to smack everyone down even harder come Q3.

When asked about Android being free, Google bossman Eric Schmidt responded just after he revealed that daily Android activations are up to 200K, “Trust me that [mobile search] revenue is large enough to pay for all of Android’s activities and a whole bunch more.” Evidently either Google’s doing something right or RIM’s making deals with Middle Eastern countries to let their enterprise customers be freely spied upon didn’t make a huge positive impact on RIM’s sales.

Hey David K, if you want to pay me that fifty you’ll most certainly owe me next year right now and get it over with rather than prolonging the pain of watching Microsoft fail to catch up to anyone other than Palm, I accept Google Checkout.

Doug Simmons


  1. Kisses, Ramon!

    I just had a funny thought.. Microsoft should consider changing the platform’s name to Other.

  2. Those are US Q2 sales numbers. Another such number: One in three smartphones sold at retail has Android.

    Worldwide sales this quarter of Android phones was 10.6m versus 756K a year ago. Symbian remains in the lead in global Q2 sales at 41%, down from 51% a year ago, the number you may have had in mind. Also down worldwide from the previous year is RIM at 18.2%, tightly tailed by Android at 17.2% (up from 1.8% a year ago), tailed by iOS at 14.2%. Honorable mention WinMo slid from 9.3% to 5% (Q2 of 2009, Q2 2010 global sales respectively).

    All this according to Gartner, at least.

  3. Just curious Doug. Are those numbers US/North American Sales or Worldwide? Cause I though Symbian (what’s that) has something like 50%+ of the World market. Still good news for Android either way, but I wanted to put things in proper perspective.

    BTW, based on the above “Other” would still only garner about 17%, not even a close third.

  4. It is only because android is free that makes them so popular.
    They also have the first phone virus.

  5. android = winmo repeat

    good luck in years 3 and 4 with a million po’d users of old handsets with 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2. google miseed the mark on the hardware standards. lets hope they sell more ads before the feds finally say antitrust.

    i think i just googled a litlle in my mouth.

    david k – keep your cash.

  6. Well these guys clearly know what they’re talking about, huh David K. Some regular Warren Buffets up in here. So in light of this inside information, I guess you’d have no objection to making this more interesting by raising the stakes to $150, right?

    To refresh your memory, the wager:

    “So fifty bucks says more phones with Android on them will be sold in the US (or world if you’d prefer) than phones with Windows Phone on them during the first quarter of 2011.”

  7. Well seeing as how HTC is paying Microsoft for every Android phone sold i’m gonna go ahead and say that Microsoft isn’t exactly depressed about all of this. That and the fact they basically had everyone and their mom focused on the launch of Windows Phone 7.

    I’m sure David K will keep his fifty and keep the plans he’s made for yours.

  8. Simmons – I’ll lose the bet. That was a mistake to go Q1 when MS was taking forever to release a damn device. Long term is still where the money is.

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