Google’s long-rumored entry into the digital music game is likely happening just in time for Christmas. Andy Rubin, Google VP and primary director for Android development, has been in talks with some of the major labels in hopes of securing some kind of licensing that would put Google in direct competition with Apple’s dominance of digital download sales. The search giant’s plan includes a download store à la iTunes (but let’s hope way less of a resource hog) and a “digital song locker,” which would enable users to stream songs on their mobile devices wherever they may be. Google is way behind Apple in the music department, but being late to the party has never been cause for concern for Google, whose Android mobile platform is activating 200,000 devices each day, despite Apple’s passive-aggressive claims to the contrary. Label execs (too scared to reveal their names) are excited to have something to challenge Apple’s monopolistic decision-making when it comes to pricing and digital formats. The competition from Android’s rising ubiquity is bound to take a bite out of Apple’s (see what I did there?) unchallenged dominance since iTunes and iPods changed the game back in 2001. I for one cannot wait to dump iTunes by the wayside.


  1. F Apple’s claims. “Activations” mean things involving cellular activity, not sales of ipod touches and whatever else has iOS. And let’s say that figure did not include anything other than phones and ipads, let’s just see where that figure is upon the next big release of these numbers as the iphone 4 fad dims, which it will, the buying spree, whereas it won’t with Android.

    I just love how Google’s getting in everyone’s ring. Watch Google TV trample Apple TV even faster than fanboys like me think it will. And as for your post’s subject, this has been brewing with Google for years and once they unload their master plan, expect it not to fall flat. Defeating itunes? Nah. But putting them on their toes, yes.

    As for iTunes itself, man I wish Steve had remained stubborn enough not to port it over to PCs. Frickin’ hate iTunes. There’s software out there that will let you dump mp3s onto ipods and it will go in and manipulate whatever database is necessary but the developers behind that stuff seem to struggle to keep up with each new ipod release. I hate itunes, I hate Safari and Quicktime updates you get as a result of installing … ahh I don’t want to hijack this into a rant, I’ll stop.

    Returning to my original point, F Apple.

  2. Man Simmons… won’t you ever stfu.

    Okay I’ll feed the troll. Google not defeating iTunes — “nah” you say? Nah? If by nah you mean no way in hell, you wouldn’t be understating it. And it sure ain’t gonna put Apple on its toes, believe that.

    I don’t know either whether or not ipod touches are included in that figure, but in terms of this pissing match, why shouldn’t they? They’re essentially, as long as they’re within wifi range, the same in terms of functionality with both the iPad and iPhone. Not like Google’s getting a pile of money upon each activation either. And what does it say about a platform that is badass enough that when slapped on a device without a GSM transceiver, iOS still makes that device a top seller? How many Android devices are there that are only wifi and high-end?

    Regardless, why can’t we just lower our weapons, you and I, and kick back and watch the show together of the implosion of RIM? Enemy of my enemy kind of thing, right?

    Jive turkeys.

  3. whodis, say what you want but the apple extravaganza is about over, due to thier “our shit doesnt stink” attitude apple wasnt allowing thier product to be sold at authorized agents of apple, or att. that just changed as of tuesday… why would they all of a sudden deem these people worthy to sell thier product when they didnt before? because apple knows they are about to be in a losing battle and their trying to recruit as many soldiers as possible… and no matter how hard you try you cant make a phonecall over wifi with an ipod touch, so same functionality my ass… and ps. you sound like foxy cleopatra from austin powers you “jive turkey”

  4. just on the license thing there is something big that apple has. if they activate a license in any form it means they just sold hardware and software. Google on the other hand just gave away a free license to software. bottom line is pretty different. Google has a few years to build a larger catalogue of software and services (prefect goggles and calling and music and tv and not beta any more). then they can make money on selling a product and not just advertising/info. that’s a start for them to compete toe to toe.

  5. obviously goog will get greedier and greedier as time goes on but make no mistake davidk, goog isnt hurting for cash at all, and thats all thanks to the advertising.

    i thought they were already going toe to toe…

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