I mean really, this is not a shock that Google owns the mobile search market, but 98.29%? This isn’t even a competition! I guess I am a little surprised as I really liked the Bing Search App for Windows Mobile. I would have hoped that the margin would have been a little better for Bing compared to Yahoo at least. Anyway, the 800lb Gorilla reigns supreme once again and widens the gap in the mobile search market.




  1. I don’t know how to feel about articles like this. The numbers don’t lie, but I doubt this is my choice. Almost if not all devices come preconfigured as google for search. It says nothing as to performance or if google is better than bing. Just a market share thing.

  2. I wonder how the numbers would change if you included the search engines from China. With a population of 1.4 billion people, you only need to have 30% of the market and your at 420 million, that is not an insignificant number.

  3. Not that surprising to me, when I search anything on google maps on my HD2 I get what i’m looking for and that’s it, when I search what i’m looking for on bing maps I get what i’m looking for plus an olive garden ad hovering over my map…..makes deciding which mobile search to use pretty easy.

  4. That’s some insightful stuff right there, ramon. Tell me, what does it say about these various search engines that almost if not all devices come preconfigured with google for searching?

    And don’t compare it to Microsoft’s tactics. Google does not force or at all pressure you to use Chrome to explore around Google’s various services, I bet Chrome OS doesn’t force you to use Chrome either to explore the file system or get operating system updates, Android doesn’t even come with all the Google stuff installed — that stuff comes in a separate package, Google does not force retailers either to sell all computers with Chrome OS installed or no computers with Chrome OS at all.

    Google does not leverage companies with such strategies to pressure phone companies to go with Google. The strategy they choose to go with to accomplish this market share domination is by being the company with the superior products and services.

    From where I’m sitting, the only thing Bing has over Google is a shorter domain name which is easier for the Chinese to pronounce and has some cute meaning to them. But apparently according to these numbers, with exception to you and David K, that’s not much of a dealbreaker for consumers.

    By the way, I understand iPhones don’t default to Google anymore.

  5. @Doug Simmons:

    Devices come preconfigured with Google because Google pays device manufacturers for being preconfigured.

    Chrome OS will be a minimalistic OS that is only able to run one application: the Chrome browser. You won’t be able to install another browser on Chrome OS. Or at least complete replace it.

    The Google apps come as a separate package so that Google does not have to open source them. Furthermore Google pays device manufacturers for including Google apps.

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