I have a big decision to make. After years of complaining about how small the iPhone screen was they went and added two great sized versions and now I have to make a decision.  The first is the iPhone 6. Perfect in every way except it is lacking one main thing other than size, the camera. It does not have the same camera that the iPhone 6 Plus has. Then there is the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. Aka the "Phablet" I have been there done that with the Dell Streak when these first started coming out. I really liked it but the massive ridicule I got was unbearable. Granted things have gotten more geek friendly but there is still the portability of the phablet that is a concern. I am very busy traveling, coaching baseball, running and biking and concerns of how this monster is going to accompany me is bogging down my decision. That camera and screen though!

So I headed down to the local AT&T store where I was told that there is still  a 2-3 week back-order on any of the new iPhones. I had to wait to 10/31 to renew so here I am for the fist time in my life waiting on new technology. I always got the new device on launch day. This is killing me.

I am a tall 6’4 male with average or proportional hands I guess. So wrapping my digits around either of the two new iPhones is not a concern. One handed operation is nice but I find the majority of that is done trying to grab a picture quickly while driving. That is not a big deal. Then there is the concern of how that thing is going to look planted against my skull while talking on the phone. Again, I think things have taken a giant leap in favor of geek acceptance but I look for constant sarcasm from family and friends. I am fairly certain I can deal with that too. How am I going to carry this thing while riding my bike or jogging? How will the iPhone 6 Plus travel in dress pants through airports or standing at a booth for 8 hours straight at a trade show? Apple you torment me so.

Check it out peeps. I took some pictures of the two devices in question and wanted to share them with you from my perspective and perhaps it might help you out. I also took a video of the two iPhones playing a video. (spoiler – landslide victory for the iPhone 6 Plus)


Here is a video comparing the screen sizes between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (sorry for the crappy quality)

So here it is. I got two weeks that I can return the iPhone 6 Plus if I can’t manage the size and traveling around with it. But here is the thing, I like taking pictures and that screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is AMAZING! I am going to have to try to make it work. Drop a comment and let us know what you think. Already I have been getting tons of feedback from iPhone 6 Plus owners raving about it. I have even gotten lots of emails from women who have bought it and love the screen size. They have no problem forgoing one handed operation for the other features and benefits! Mobility Digest contributing editor Chris Leiter has stated that he no longer uses his iPad because of the iPhone 6 Plus screen and usability. I just can’t wait to get my hands on some new tech gadgets! C’mon already!


  1. I am still waiting for my iPhone 6P. Wife and daughter have 6 already at home, but they are waiting for my 6P, so that we all could enjoy. my 6P is only for development, but my daily drivers are Windows Phone that’s where my son’s and my heart are. I use 1020 and 1520 and my son 920. We are eagerly waiting for next major WP device on those lines though.

    I’ve also played with 6p and 6 and AT&T store and BestBuy. The only that I’ve found is usability of camera increased with 6p with OIS and of course the size. I like phones that are 4+” probably due to the age of my eyes.

  2. And BTW my first Phablet was HTC Athena also known as HTC Advantage or HTC X7501 (XDA friends), this was even before the term Phablet was coined by media and the so called tech pundits. I still own it and play with it regularly.

  3. If you get a tungsten steel case for the 6 Plus, and a pair of suspenders, you should be good with the big guy. Otherwise I’d keep it lean.

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