So I recently picked up a Focus for my wife (off-market) to use through the summer so she can debate WP7 and iOS and I really had no choice in the matter. I can’t simply hand her a stock device, right? So I did what’s in my blood and installed the Mango update to it using the tools that are on the web and it’s actually pretty simple. It’s more of an exercise in patience than anything in fact. Of course, there’s still plenty of risks, like what happens later when it’s time to revert (they say it will work but what do I know) and of course, if it fails you’ve voided your warranty. Also, we all know that Mango still has some bugs to it. Nothing fatal but if you use the OS long enough you’ll find them. But all in all I’m happy with the decision to Mangoize it.

Now I know you guys pretty well and a lot of you have the same history as me and it’s pretty hard to resist an easy hack like this but WP7 has trained us to be satisfied with the silky smooth device they provided us with. So, did you do it?


  1. Because I had Walsh’ed my phone, I had to flash back to the stock ROM and then go forward. It took a couple of hours and fingers crossed, but I’m quite satisfied. I took a backup at NoDo, and will just start there again since it worked. Mango is just snappier and more intuitive. I’m still trying to figure out what to turn off to keep the battery happy for 16+ hours a day – seems to only be lasting about 15 now.

  2. I didn’t do it YET!!! Its like an itch that just needs to get scratched. Ask again in 24 hours and the answer just might be different.

  3. I have tried multiple times. The updating steps don’t work for me. I really dont think im doing something wrong, I think it has something to do with my windows XP computer not having the ability to run as administrator. I get to the point where it launches Zune, but then no update is found. Can anyone help me? I had a dream about this last night, that’s how badly I am bothered.

  4. @boof willis: one step in the instructions are wrong. You need the new beta Zune for the update to be detected in Zune. Try to update Zune and rerun the tool and see if it works. I had the same thing unil then (a red error pops up when you run the udpate tool and it says there’s a mismatch – that’s the mismatch).

  5. I did, and helped 2 co-workers and my mom hack on some Mango goodness to their phones. I’m very happy with the beta OS, even though it’s beta, it works great and the new features are awesome.

    Currently trying to get my wife to try it out instead of the Captivate but she doesn’t want me to just buy a phone, she wants to trade for a while, not sure I want to give mine up now that I have Mango but it may be worth the sell? What do you guys think?

  6. I bought an HTC Arrive over the weekend just because of the possibility of adding mango now. I did the update and I’m loving it. Didn’t jump on wp7 before because the holes were a bit too wide for me, mango takes care of that though!

  7. I am developer unlocked, officially, but after getting my invite and trying to get Mango installed for fours days I said screw it and took the unofficial approach. Got done in a little under two hours with a 7.5GB backup. As long as you follow the instructions and backup your backup, there is little risk.

    As an FYI, you still need the Beta 2 Developer Tools installed, so it has to be a Vista or Win7 machine (no XP). On my Vista x64 Machine, first I couldn’t get past the first step, then after the App Hub community posted a workaround, I got through that but again got stuck at the Phone Registration detected screen. It says it can’t see my device although Zune sees it fine. I was still unlocked and able to sideload pre-Mango, but the update relocked my phone and now I can’t unlock even though I have paid for it. Oh well.

    My guess is it may have to do with homebrew apps I installed, and since uninstalled, preventing Phone Registration from detecting. The last two times I unlocked, it was with a fresh, recently reset phone. I posted the issue in App Hub and several other people have the same issue. At least I can enjoy Mango till they figure it out or I need to hard reset.

  8. @BobBaker, how did you flash back to the stock ROM? I too have a Walsh’ed phone (among other hack issues I’m sure) and can’t seem to get my phone flashed back regardless of the procedure I use. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Just installed the Mango beta. Pretty cool so far. Can’t figure out how to get it to read messages aloud, so I guess that’s not included in the beta? In any case, shat would be SUPERHOT is the ability to read any text or numbers, in email, internet explorer, documents, whatever. You know how we tap on a word to bring up the copy/paste icon? How about that also brings up some other icon that can read back the highlighted text. Talk about productivity while I’m driving or multitasking? Oh man.

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