I have to say, it’s pretty impressive that TMo is supporting the HD2 enough to release what’s now the third official ROM. It’s also worth noting that the current ROM is glitchy when it comes to messaging (especially if Swype is enabled) so let’s hope that these are resolved in this new ROM. So getting to it, XDA has a leaked copy of an official TMo US ROM for the HD2 that they suspect will be publicly released shortly. Here’s the ROM info:

ROM Info:
Drivers 3.14
SPL Version 2.10
Build 21913.50.9.4
Sense version 2.5.20181424

If you recall, the last ROM was also released online days before the official release and the official release was identical to the leaked version. And for anyone that doesn’t know, you do not need to be unlocked to flash this ROM (since it’s an official ROM). The consensus seems to be that this is a better ROM that the prior official ROM and it comes with a new radio that seems to be better on signal strength.

Since XDA is going to experience some downtime soon, the download links are as follows: Rapidshare MultiUpload FileFactory and a mirror

I’ll be flashing this tomorrow (I left my micro-USB in the office) but if you give it a try tell us what your findings are.


  1. Wouldnt call it impressive since the shipping and update roms were so bad, and still no sign of WM 6.5.3. Just going through the motions, I think.

  2. @efjay: All my phones for the past few years were AT&T and even if they give you a shitty ROM that’s it. I’ve never seen them go beyond the initial ROM and one update regardless of how many flaws it had.

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