There’s plenty of inexpensive Android tablets on the market today and now there’s another one called the Vektor from Hipstreet. This tablet is coming soon and it comes with Android 2.3, 4gb of storage, a 7” capacitive screen and sadly there’s not much more info than that I can give you… it just says ‘coming soon’ so maybe when it’s available more info will come to light…


Hipstreet, an emerging worldwide consumer electronics company, introduces the VEKTOR Wi-Fi 7-inch Touch Screen Tablet, a full-featured beauty that packs a powerful punch and offers users multiple applications on one affordable device.

Games, videos and movies pop on the VEKTOR’s beautiful high-resolution HD LCD color screen.

The VEKTOR’s versatility and lightning-fast speed makes it ideal for entertainment-seekers looking for one tablet that does it all. Its built-in Wi-Fi gives users the ability to surf the web quickly and check their email without missing a beat. Music lovers can enjoy their full library of tunes and download their favorite apps on the VEKTOR.

The 7-inch size makes it perfectly portable. Travelers for business or leisure can easily tuck away the sleek tablet for instant access while on the go. Book fans will love using the VEKTOR as an e-reader. Its screen is sharp, and its size makes it comfortable to hold in one hand.

Shutterbugs can take photos or capture video using the VEKTOR’s camera, which allows for instant sharing through email. The tablet’s 4GB storage capacity, which is expandable to 32GB, provides ample space to save photos and videos for users who want their favorite images handy at the touch of a button.

The VEKTOR comes with the Android 2.3 operating system installed. The price is coming soon.


  1. The HIPSTREET tablet is a bad tablet and I really don`t recommend it because of many reasons.

    I purchased one and it won`t boot up anymore. The customer support doesn`t offer a way to upgrade the tablet, hard reset it, no reset button, no reset hole, no firmware available to reinstall, no way to format, and the customer support is done from the employee`s home. I talked to a customer support agent while she`s watching loud t.v. Her first language wasn`t English, she didn`t know anything, couldn`t help me, put me on hold 3 times to finally conclude with:”Write to our customer support”.

    Very cheap service, and very cheap tablet. It is slow and if something is wrong with it, forget about having it fixed or doing something to it yourself. They will not help you and they keep silent.

    To prove my point, visit and go to the support section and try finding a user manual or any file for your hipstreet vektor tablet. Good luck to you but as far as my tablet is concerned, it is going to the garbage bin, but hipstreet doesn`t care about that because they`ve made their money.

    Beware of imitations and cheap Chinese, Japanese and Indian products. This tablet is exactly that.

  2. Well i purchased a HIP STREET e-reader and multimedia player all in one
    it has android 2.1 OS install on it. It took me sometimes to learn it ability..and i also found out that i can install some android apps and games.
    By doing some research online before proceeding on the tablet. The problem is the OS itself are not upgradable and i found out that the application has limit of 247mb to install but the microsd card you can expand up to 32gb by putting music and ebooks,photos and multimedia on it and games just to put it install on the hip street anroid 2.1 OS memory. Also in some games the performance of this device is abit slow.
    Also some games doesn’t work if the screen is too big like 7 inch but most of them works. I did some test apps and games.. this android 2.1 won’t run games that are made for android 2.2 it will display warning parse…error.

    Note: Also find out if it the android os crash just pressed the on/off button it will display something like option.

  3. It is difficult to know who Hipstreet really is. They are otherwise known as Kobian Canada, and their tablet products change names and specs every time the wind changes direction. They have no real customer support, and ignore most of the requests for information. Like the other commenter, I have a dead in the water Vektor tablet. It won’t boot up anymore, and there appears to be no way to reset it. These are cheap, but they are basically toss away devices, and not good value. Whether they call it Vektor, or Titan, Aurora, or Flare, Nova, or several other names, it is still the same company flogging one version of another of a slightly different version of the same product. I doubt they make them, and they seem to have no idea how they work (based upon the silly instruction manual, and their “customer service”.

    In terms of physical build quality and content provided, a much better product is the D2 series of tablets for about the same price. Customer service is a bit better in that the actually answer their email, but the responses are pretty generic. Hipstreet, may be “Hip” (although I even doubt that), but they certainly aren’t consumer friendly or good value. You’ll often find these Hipstreet tablets at Walmart, but rarely is there a demo model out. I suspect it is because it won’t work for long.

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